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  • TWIX® Dark Chocolate Cookie Bars feature the classic crunchy shortbread TWIX® cookie covered in golden caramel, enrobed in rich dark chocolate. (May 2017, $.99 – $1.09 for 1.79-ounce Single, $1.69-$1.79 for 3.02-ounce 4 to Go)
  • TWIX® White Chocolate Cookie Bars feature two crunchy cookie bars covered with smooth caramel and enrobed in creamy white chocolate. This item is sure to please, as white chocolate continues to grow in popularity. (December 2017, $0.99-$1.09 for a 1.79-ounce Single, $1.69-$1.79 for 2.64-ounce 2 to Go, $3.49-$4.99 for FUN SIZE® Medium Bag)
  • TWIX® MIX FUN SIZE® Medium Bag featuring all your favorite varieties of TWIX® cookies covered in golden caramel and each clocked in classic milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. (February 2017, $3.49-$4.99 for FUN SIZE® Medium Bag, available within Grocery, Mass, and Drug channels)
  • TWIX® Creamy Peanut Butter unites a layer of savory peanut butter on a classic, crunchy TWIX® Cookie Bar, all coated with delicious milk chocolate. (August 2017, $0.99-$1.09 for 1.68-ounce Single, $1.69-$1.79 for 2.8-ounce 4 to Go)


Brand History

TWIX® Caramel Cookie Bar was first introduced in the United States in 1979. With two crunchy cookie bars covered with smooth caramel and enrobed in creamy chocolate, TWIX® Brand allows you to make whatever you’re doing twice as fun.

TWIX® Caramel Cookie Bar is available in several formats: as a single pack, 4 To Go sharing size, 6 To Go, FUN SIZE®, Minis and unwrapped TWIX® Bites. It’s also available in limited edition seasonal flavors and shapes for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

The TWIX® Brand line-up includes TWIX® Ice Cream Bars. Available as singles and miniatures, it features creamy vanilla ice cream, gooey caramel and the great cookie crunch of TWIX® Bars covered in a rich, delicious chocolatey coating.


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TWIX® Brand Insights

  • Top-selling TWIX® Brand is a Favorite Brand among 13 to 49-year-olds, families, as well as with consumers in the fast-growing Hispanic demographic. (Pulse check survey Oct. 2016)
  • TWIX® Brand is a leader in the immediate consumption chocolate segment. TWIX® Singles and 4 to Go are top 10 items across channels. (Nielsen Database 2/14)



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