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Orbit® Gum has been freshening breath since 1944. One of Mars Wrigley Confectionery’s biggest gum brands, Orbit® Gum is best known among consumers for its rich history of freshening mouths and its iconic wit.

The functional benefit of freshening is the number-one reason why people chew gum around the world. When people chew Orbit® Gum, it gives them that clean and fresh mouth feeling, giving them the confidence to shine, no matter the situation.

One of the biggest launches in the past year for Orbit® Gum is its new and delicious sugarfree Orbit® White Gum that is big in flavor and helps keep teeth white.*  Orbit® White Gum comes in Peppermint and Spearmint flavors in a new soft chew format.



Today, Orbit® Gum carries the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance and is available in a variety of formats and flavors. These flavor offerings include:

  • Orbit ® Gum Peppermint
  • Orbit ® Gum Spearmint
  • Orbit ® Gum Wintermint
  • Orbit ® Gum Sweet Mint
  • Orbit ® Gum Bubblemint
  • Orbit ® Gum Strawberry
  • Orbit ® Gum Citrus


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Orbit® Gum Insights

  • Orbit® Gum is a global brand (Orbit/Extra) rooted in an enduring and universal insight that connects us to the daily lives of our consumers: that with a clean & fresh mouth feeling, you have the confidence, and therefore the readiness, to take on what’s next no matter the situation.
  • Orbit® Gum recently launched Orbit® White soft chews, launching the fastest-growing category form and delivering Orbit consumers that clean & fresh mouth feeling via a bigger flavor and softer chew.** (**as compared to previous Orbit White pellet)



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