Hop to it this Easter, with Mars Wrigley Confectionery! Consumers love and look forward to celebrating the holiday with their favorite treats, as a part of their cherished Easter traditions. Whether it’s decorating, gift-giving or basket building, shoppers are choosing the fun, affordable items from Mars Wrigley Confectionery to share with loved ones throughout the Easter season.


Seasonal Trends

  • 62 percent of the population celebrates Easter, with 71 percent of consumers purchasing chocolate.2
  • 89 percent of the most popular items for Easter baskets are candy/chocolate.8
  • 56 percent of chocolate purchases are for Easter baskets.3
  • 50 percent of families put jellybeans out for people to enjoy at home during Easter. 11
  • The Easter Decorating and Snacking segment accounts for 46 percent of dollar sales for the season.4 While Medium Bags account for nearly half of Decorating and Snacking sales, Extra Large Bags saw the fastest growth.4
  • 78 percent of consumers plan to use jellybeans in the season in a variety of ways. 12
  • 92 percent of Easter candy purchasers buy wrapped minis for candy bowls, baskets and egg hunts.5
  • 75 percent of shoppers host or attend an Easter meal, revealing an opportunity to encourage consumers to make, bake and decorate. 2
  • Bunnies, novelty items (canes, eggs and tubes) and multi-pack shapes (eggs and bunnies) continue to be the centerpieces for Easter baskets.4
  • 58 percent of consumers purchased chocolate on impulse during Easter, with shapes playing a critical role for impulse purchases and Easter baskets.6


New Items To learn more about new offerings for Easter 2018, please click on the PDF icon above to view the fact sheet.


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