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New in 2018, COMBOS® introduces Honey Sriracha! A flavor combination that delivers a well-balanced, sweet honey with garlic and chili pepper Sriracha flavor that taste buds will love.

New packaging for COMBOS® Snacks will grab consumers in-store, beginning in fall 2018. The simplified design will stand out on-shelf and engage shoppers. The graphics focus on food imagery to drive appetite appeal and purchase, and the use of a white background with color bands will improve findability. Millennials love the new graphics: in consumer testing, purchase intent rose 16 percent, and there was an 11 percent increase in Millennials surveyed that said the packaging design was for “someone like me.” (source: COMBOS® PRS Testing 2016 among respondents age <35)

Brand History

COMBOS® Stuffed Snacks are bite-size crackers, pretzels or tortillas jam-packed with deliciousness. COMBOS® Snacks were developed from a patent purchased in the late 1970s. A dedicated group of Mars R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing associates, each with extensive experience in combining great food flavors, helped mold the patent into the COMBOS® Stuffed Snacks enjoyed today.



COMBOS® Brand is a trend-setter, delivering bold and delicious flavors. Consumers can choose from eight varieties, including:

  • Cheddar Cheese Pretzel
  • Pizzeria Pretzel
  • Buffalo Blue Cheese Pretzel
  • Cheddar Cheese Cracker
  • Pepperoni Pizza Cracker
  • 7 Layer Dip Tortilla
  • Sweet & Salty Caramel Pretzel
  • Sweet & Salty Chocolate Fudge Pretzel



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COMBOS® Brand Insights

  • COMBOS® Stuffed Snacks are a great on-the-go and mess-free snack. Research shows that 45 percent of consumers want to snack on-the-go, and more than 50 percent of COMBOS® Snacks are eaten away from home, and eaten in the car three times as often as other salty snacks.1
  • Sixty-two percent of consumers seek snacks that are filling, and COMBOS® Stuffed Snacks are a delicious and substantial snack with a crunchy outer shell and a cheesy inner filling. 1
  • Millennial consumers prefer bolder, spicier flavors, and consumers want variety to ensure that snacking does not become boring.1
  • The combination of sweet and salty is one of the hottest trends in snacking, and sales continue to climb in both the Salty Snacks and Sweet Snacks categories. 2


1 Symphony IRI Marketpulse Survey, Q4 2012; Euromonitor January 2013 Report: Sweet & Savoury Snacks in US

2 Nielsen AOD

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