Christmas 2017

Mars Wrigley Confectionery delivers good tidings of treats this Christmas with a jolly and delicious array of innovative new items and returning seasonal favorites. From decorating, snacking and gifting to stuffing stockings, baking and more, consumers will unwrap iconic brands — M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, SKITTLES®, TWIX®, MILKY WAY®, DOVE®, 3 MUSKETEERS®, MALTESERS®, LIFE SAVERS® and CELEBRATIONS® – to brighten their holiday traditions.


Seasonal Trends

  • Confectionery sales totaled $1.2 billion during Christmas 2016.1
  • Christmas has the highest chocolate purchase incidence of any season.2
  • Nine out of 10 consumers celebrate Christmas.3
  • Consumers look for key seasonal attributes when purchasing candy: quality (89 percent), taste preference (83 percent), value (80 percent), brand (79 percent), price per package (77 percent), recipient of candy (77 percent) and package size/number of pieces (72 percent).4
  • During Christmas, chocolate plays a key role in holiday traditions with 69 percent of consumers participating in Making & Baking, 87 percent participation in Giving & Gatherings, 65 percent participation in Sharing & Decorating and 53 percent participation in Stockings & Novelty.3, 4
  • LIFE SAVERS® is the number 3 NCC brand at holiday.7
  • 85 percent of consumers gift chocolate or candy during the Christmas season.2
  • 60 percent of shoppers use candy as a main, add-on or hostess gifts, and 64 percent of candy shoppers spend $3-$12 on average on candy as a main gift.3
  • 58 percent of consumers hang stockings;4 77 percent include candy in Christmas stockings.3


Displays and Graphics

When “blitzen” down the candy aisle, consumers will stop in their tracks when they catch a glimpse of new seasonal packaging from Mars Wrigley Confectionery, including refreshed graphics and bold designs on products, displays and pallets. M&M’S® Brand flaunts refreshed graphics and bold, simple designs for its medium and large laydown bags and extra-large stand-up pouches. DOVE® Chocolate delivers new seasonal packaging across its entire portfolio with traditional colors and packaging that highlight the festive, season-themed products inside.  Additionally, Filled Bar Miniatures capture the spirit of the season with new festive packaging graphics.



Mars Wrigley Confectionery backs its Christmas 2017 portfolio with dedicated marketing support throughout the season. The multi-media, multi-brand marketing campaign will include national television, print and digital advertising, high-value FSIs, social media, in-store merchandising and more.

New Items To learn more about new offerings for Christmas 2017, please click on the PDF icon above to view the fact sheet.

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