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New in September – December 2017, 5® Gum introduces 99 cent 8 stick packs, available exclusively during the 2018 Truth or Dare program. For the 5th straight year, 5® Gum Truth or Dare is back to help bring teens and young adults back to the gum category. For the first time, 5® Gum is bringing a new $0.99 pack available exclusively as part of 2018 Truth or Dare prepacked displays. Available flavors include New Cool Mint, Cool Berry, and Smooth Mint. Limited Time Offer.


Brand History

In March 2007, Wrigley introduced U.S. consumers to 5® Gum, the most exciting development in sugar-free stick gum since the launch of Extra® more than 20 years earlier.

5® Gum stands for the exhilaration we feel when we choose to explore beyond the familiar. To step into the unknown. That sense that something is about to change. You’re excited by what might happen next and, if you’re honest, you’re just a little nervous. It’s a combination of hesitation and anticipation that gets your heart beating a bit quicker. You know you’re going to give it a go and yet it’s not as simple or as easy as just saying yes without pausing for a thought.

5® Gum stands for the decision to see new possibilities and to say, “I Do.”



Today, 5® Gum is available in a variety of formats and flavors. Different flavor offerings and pack types include:

  • 5® Gum Peppermint Cobalt 15 Stick Pack and 35 Stick Mega Pack
  • 5® Gum Spearmint Rain 15 Stick Pack and 35 Stick Mega Pack
  • 5® Gum Wintermint Ascent 15 Stick Pack
  • 5® Gum Watermelon Prism 15 Stick Pack
  • 5® Gum Strawberry Flood 15 Stick Pack
  • 5® Gum RPM Mint 15 Stick Pack
  • 5® Gum React 2.0 Mint 15 Stick Pack


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  • 5® Gum Rain and Cobalt 15 stick packs are currently the #1 and #2 selling items among the Total US Convenience Channel1


1Nielsen Dollar Sales: Total US Convenience : Gum Mint NS : Latest 4 Wk Period - W/E 08/12/17

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