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3 MUSKETEERS® brand support continues to focus on a grassroots, all-digital program to bring to life its purpose which is to “spread positivity”.  3 MUSKETEERS® creates small moments of joy that promote a positive, pay-it-forward mentality by asking consumers to #ThrowShine and share a bar.   Through digital and social platforms, the brand will target Gen Z (teen) consumers and households with teens to improve brand relevancy and drive brand meaning.


  • Teens are more likely to support brands that take a stand on social issues: “78% are more likely to buy a product or service from a company that gives back to society; 56% are willing to pay more to buy a product or service from a company that gives back; and 69% believe brands should stand up for what they believe in, even if controversial”.[1]
  • Brand repertoire consumption is largest during teen years, and preferences made then last![2]



  • Brand will continue to create engaging all-digital support that’s authentic to teen content to influence consumers and drive relevancy.
  • Innovation will contribute greatly to the brand’s success in 2018, key drivers will be both pack expansion and flavor news:
    • 3M Original 100 calorie bar
    • 3M Minis SUP
    • 3M Birthday Cake (IC and FC packs available)
  • New pack graphics to launch in 2018 and includes unique, feel good messages to engage shoppers at shelf and encourage sharing in IC and FC.
  • New tools will be available Q3 2018 to drive awareness in store, including updated Throw Shine POP/POS and a new Everyday Filled Bar Mixed Display with BOGO tearpad.


Shine Corps

  • The brand is extending the #ThrowShine movement with the newly established 3 MUSKETEERS® Shine Corps—an annual position for two teens who’ve demonstrated the capacity to #ThrowShine in their daily lives and now inspire others to join the cause.
  • Our first-ever Ambassadors are teens Britain Bennett of Sandusky, Ohio, and Denis Estimon of Boca Raton, Florida, who have both made a difference in their local communities through programs of inclusion.
  • As part of their roles within Mars Wrigley Confectionery, Britain and Denis utilize social media platforms to share their personal stories, as well as promote and support peers taking positive action. From speaking engagements to media interviews, they travel the country with 3 MUSKETEERS® to #ThrowShine where it’s needed most.


Brand History & Portfolio

An American favorite since 1932, the iconic 3 MUSKETEERS® bar offers a light and fluffy chocolate nougat center wrapped in delectable chocolate.  3 MUSKETEERS® bars are available in several formats: as a Single Size bar, 2 to Go, FUN SIZE®, Minis, and in limited edition seasonal flavors for the holidays.


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[1] How Gen Z Are Leading Brands to Listen and Act, Mediapost, March 2018

[2] Marketing to Generation Z, Havas People White Paper, December 2014

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